Windows 11: How to Download Microsoft’s Latest OS

Incoming Connections lists remote NDI sources from any invitations you’ve accepted. Click the share icon to invite someone to send video . Click the connection’s monitor icon to run Studio Monitor ready to receive the remote video. To change the options, locate the app in the System Tray. NDI receivers on your LAN will list remote sources from the Bridge under Bridge Name.

  • SSDs will have the amount of days since they were last optimised, while traditional hard drives will display the amount of fragmentation as a percentage.
  • These APIs enable capture of application windows, displays, and environments in a secure, easy to use way with the use of a system picker UI control.
  • Microsoft will send you a notification once your eligible PC has been tested and validated for the free upgrade.

If you use Microsoft Edge, you’ll be happy to know that Windows 11 includes a redesigned updated and faster version of the browser. So, is it worth upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11? If you’re a power user or if you’re looking for a more modern interface, then the answer is probably yes. Otherwise, you might want to wait for a while and see how Windows 11 develops before making the switch. Select Dev Channel from the Insider settings to download and install the current Windows 11 build meant for Windows Insider Preview and hit the Confirm button.

How to add video transition, caption, annotation, text effect

In the case of OneDrive, you can also use the backup settings page to sync your profile folders to the cloud automatically. When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission. You’ll then be asked to sign in with a Microsoft account.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and troubleshoot them using … First, isolate the problem to the device or the PC. The easiest way to do this is to try to connect and use the Bluetooth device on another PC. If the Bluetooth device works on another PC, the problem is not with the device and is probably with the computer. If the Bluetooth device cannot work on any other PC, the problem is likely with the device. To turn on Bluetooth Windows 10 is a very simple task unless you run into an issue with Bluetooth driver or your PC.

Finding a reliable Windows 10 screen recorder is not an easy task because one Google search results offer 100+ solutions. I have provided solutions that I have tried & tested on a daily basis and then suggest them to you. I didn’t make a random list from the internet and recommending it to the readers. Follow the same instruction from Step 7 and add Audio Input Capture which records audio.

How to Enable Bluetooth on Windows 10

This process will site oficial take several minutes or perhaps longer, depending on your Internet connection. A very helpful site called UUP Dump allows you to download any build as an ISO file you can use for installation. If you want the latest and greatest versions of Windows 11 from Microsoft, you’ll need to join the dev channel, which has weekly releases and all the new features. The Release Preview, meanwhile, is where you can preview the upcoming Windows 10 update. Just keep in mind that to get Windows 11, you’ll need to meet the system requirements. If you don’t, there are ways you can tweak your installation to get it working, but doing so can mean your PC won’t get updates from Microsoft.

We already have an in-depth guide in place to help you troubleshoot annoying Bluetooth issues and get it working again. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the guide linked here. We have included four easy ways to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11 in this guide. From the Action Center and Windows Settings to the Control Panel and Device Manager, we have listed all the common methods to enable Bluetooth. Expand the table below and move to any section you want.

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