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So far, we’ve talked about hosting Discord bots at a very “general” level. We just assumed that your bot is a “black box” with some code, and your goal is to get it up and running on a reliable server. And when your bot grows and starts being used by more servers , you can always transfer over to VPS hosting to handle more bandwidth.

From subtle improvements to major next-generation features, Windows 11 is set to make gaming better. To upgrade an unsupported machine, you must create a registry key that will bypass the TPM 2.0 and CPU model checks. Messing around with registry keys comes with risks of its own, so make sure you know what you’re doing before attempting this. Once the registry key is related, you should be able to run the Windows 11 installation tool and upgrade your machine.

How To Rotate Screen On Dell Laptop

On the contrary, it will not happen with the old Windows 7 as it has already passed its lifecycle. When you launch a compatible game and have a compatible device, it will automatically prompt you to enable Auto HDR. The old Windows 7 was a prime choice for gamers a decade ago because of its performance, latest DirectX support, etc. Microsoft always focused on gaming with high priority.

  • If you want to permanently rotate your screen because your monitor is in portrait mode, the best way to do that is through Windows Display Settings.
  • This is probably what excites me the most about this upgrade.
  • Allow the setup to prepare your device and create installation media for another PC.

There are other useful purposes of rotating the screen but sometimes Windows 10 can act crazy and mistakenly change the screen orientation. If your laptop screen isn’t resizing properly, you may be wondering how to rotate laptop screens. To do this, you can open the control panel and click the display icon.

IONOS Free Trial

To switch to Chrome, you’d have to peruse through an ultra-long list of file types and swap Edge for the Google browser. Windows 11 bring a lot to the table, as its new take on UI is accompanied by gaming PC features like Auto HDR and speedy DirectStorage API for loading games faster. Still, if you’ve been using the operating system since Windows 1.0x, you’re probably used to change, even if Control Panel has remained a constant throughout your experience. This release date for Windows 11 is mostly for new machines, with the update for existing Windows 10 users following after. So don’t be surprised if you still haven’t been offered the switch, it’s probably a good thing because this should mean any bugs and problems will be sorted by the time you can upgrade.

Windows 11 22H2 will get several new features in what Microsoft calls moments in 2023

You can also enable or disable auto-rotate using Windows Registry. This can be useful when you want to automate things. Scroll to the left of the menu until a gray lock icon appears. Alternatively referred to as Control+D and C-d, Ctrl+D is a keyboard shortcut that varies depending on the program. For example, in most Internet browsers, it is used to add the current site to a bookmark or favorite. But, other programs, like Microsoft PowerPoint Driver, use it to duplicate objects.

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